We are all about visual storytelling

We come from Gdańsk. That is where we work and create our vision. We believe that one image can be far more suggestive than thousands of words. That is what inspired us to create our studio of decoration & window display designs. Unconditionally focused on brand communication. Unashamedly creative. Simply essential. Our unique approach and proven business model suit our clients – the biggest European brands. Artistic craft with strong logistics, imaginative designs and in-depth market analysis.


Our dedication is the main reason why our clientbase includes over 3,000 stores in 30 countries worldwide. Our products can be found in most European countries, as well as in Russia, the Middle East, the United States, China, and Japan.

Boundless creativity and sound technical solutions.

More than a decade of successful international projects – creative ideas working hand in hand with state-of-the-art technology. The expertise we have gained encourages us to be creative in combining classical production methods with innovative, automated technologies. Always in a truly unique, Van den Blocke way.

Our quality is no coincidence…

We continually improve our equipment to ensure the highest quality at very competitive prices. We run a professional business so targets and cost optimization are important too. However, we never compromise on quality.

A studio with a strong European tradition

We work hard to ensure that our dynamic growth does not change who we are – a friendly, customer-focused, small team sharing the same principles and values. We believe that right communication is what matters most. In our relations with clients, partners, suppliers, not to mention our team.

We walk the walk AND talk the talk. We also have one common goal – a perfect product

We create an intimate space for exchanging ideas,

ensuring close cooperation with our clients. We are direct and open. For more than 10 years, we have maintained a hands-on approach on every single project.Working closely with major international brands motivates us to invest in the best equipment. All materials used at Van Den Blocke are sourced globally from renowned manufacturers; and adhere to the highest European quality norms.

Let us help you to show the uniqueness of your brand


We provide our clients with comprehensive printing services. Thanks to state-of-the-art equipment, we can use almost any printing technique available – from UV printing to solvent-to-screen printing. We offer unparallel flexibility in selection of materials to fulfil your orders. We can print on: + Foil, + Paper, + Fabric, + Wood, + Metal, …or even concrete! We usually print in bulk, but are happy to accept smaller orders as well as more complex assignments.


We meticulously prepare forms for casting while working closely with clients on choice of materials. Our clients are consulted throughout the casting process to ensure 100% client satisfaction.



Looking for an efficient low-cost method of mass production of unique forms? Thermoforming is the answer.

Through heating plastic sheets to pliable forming temperature, this manufacturing process allows to mold them into required shapes.


Not all materials can be fused together. For some it is a problem; we see a challenge…

With this in mind, we equipped our studio with tools allowing us to weld various metals such as aluminium, brass and steel, including stainless steel.

We like it when technology supports creativity and creativity in turn supports our clients’ expectations. That’s just how we are.


At Van Den Blocke, we create 3D objects using specialist software, which allows us to execute technical and geometrical designs with great accuracy.
This method is one of the most innovative on the market; it also offers a vast range of benefits.
First of all – the speed of work. Compared with an artist sculpting objects by hand, 3D-modelling enables us to shape virtual objects significantly faster.
Secondly – incredible precision combined with the ability to accurately reproduce the form.
Last but not least – its versatility. The level of flexibility of 3D-modelling allows us to turn every project into a real object made of several materials at once and scaled to different sizes if required.

3D-modelling allows us to achieve conventional sculpting forms as well as pure geometrical shapes. We are also able to use prepared renders to create visuals and 3D printouts.


Wood is one of the most noble and inspiring materials. We understand it perfectly well; which is why we specialize in both the processing of industrial wood and the production of complex woodworking forms. This is possible thanks to the wide spectrum of high-precision, specialist tools used by Van Den Blocke.

You can find our products in most European countries, as well as in Russia, the Middle East, the United States, China, and Japan.